Dartskins - Golf



In a World first, Dartskins Games are a series of new and fun dart games, designed on a robust, tear resistant, long lasting game skin created to fit over the dartboard. Dartskins enables players to improve their accuracy whilst incorporating darts with other favourite sports and games.

Dartskins combines:

  • A robust, long lasting special fabric skin with fantastic visual graphics
  • Exciting and original sporting game play
  • Strategic target placement that will improve accuracy.
  • Easy to fit to all standard dartboards
  • Speedy changeover to different Dartskins games
  • Convenient eyelet hanging hole for easy storage

Dartskins - Golf

Swap your driver for darts and challenge yourself and your rivals as you make your way around the Dartskins Golf Course. Compete with any number of players but beware, bunkers and hazards await to penalise wayward darts. Your golf clubs might be packed away, but you can still chase that elusive hole-in-one or sub-par round

Dartskins dart games are designed for all levels of dart players and enables participants to battle their rivals in fun sports and games not typically played with darts!

Designed and produced in Australia.

Dartskins dart games are the perfect darts accessory to anyone’s dartboard

How do I set up my board?

Dartskins are made to fit all standard size dartboards. All you need to do is remove the outer number ring on your dartboard and pin the Dartskins onto the board with the pins supplied.

After you've been playing with your Dartskins for a while, lightly iron the back/reverse, to close up holes and rejuvenate your Dartskins.

Dartboard and darts not included.