The 8 Flight System Revolution

The 8 Flight System is a solid choice for seasoned dart players. High quality, molded flights which boast increased performance and durability. 

It's a 2 piece system so you'll need 8 Flight Flights and 8 Flight Shafts to complete your set-up. They feature a unique thread system to ensure an unbreakable bond between the flight and shaft. No more drop-outs and no need for ring springs!

The initial cost to get yourself set up with the 8 Flight System could lead some dart players to be put off, but the cost is totally worth it in the long run. The ease of set up and swapping over to different length shafts, plus the incredible strength of the flights mean you are needing to replace your gear less often.

The flights are an ultra strong 300 micron.

Here's a good vid showing the 8 Flight System in action.

Give 'em a shot. If you need more convincing, check out a few customer reviews...

"Since purchasing two sets of the 8 flight, flights system, and using them in competition matches, I am completely happy with the kit, shafts and flights. They have created a lot of interest amongst the club members. I use them so far, four nights per week, and I have found that the trajectory of the dart is slightly flatter, and lies in the board more level which allows me to sneak one in over the top. Happy I am." - Wayne, Sep 19.

"As a complete novice, I feel these are more robust than the flights that came with the set of darts I purchased. I didn't notice any less control of the dart flight in fact I thought they flew quite well" - Miguel, May 20.